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Biko-Lat Valmiera

Back in 1993 the Icelandic company NORVIK hf ventured to the Baltic states and established SIA BYKO-LAT in Latvia. Today BYKO-LAT is one of the largest and most efficient production plants in Latvia. BYKO-LAT is one of the leading Latvian exporters of timber products. We produce dried, planed timber, finish and terrace materials, fences, garden furniture, wooden windows and doors, as well as wooden panel houses. Most of our timber products also undergo special pressurised treatment (impregnation), significantly increasing the durability and resistance of the timber to humidity, fungal decay and structural damage caused by insects.

SIA BYKO-LAT House Building department was established in 2005 as structural unit of SIA BYKO-LAT , and it is situated in it's main production plant in Latvia - Jorvika, Koceni municipality. In it' s short history of existance, BYKO-LAT Wooden House department has made several hundreds of projects in their main markets - Iceland, Norway, Belgium and Latvia. SIA BYKO-LAT House Building department offers engineering of elements, structural and energy efficiency analysis, element production and delivery, assembly and facade finishing works. SIA BYKO-LAT House Building department not only builds wooden houses, but also makes high quality sound absorbing elements - fences, walls and curtains . 

All production processes conforms to all highest quality certificates - CE, FSC, CTB B+ etc.

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