Cooperation process

Step 1 - Concept

Customer provides architectural drawings for his idea and targets U-Values for thermal envelope. 

Architectural drawings (minimum: layout, facades and section) shall be delivered as DWG or PDF file for more accurate calculations.

Our standard build-up solutions can be found here.

Step 2 - Negotiation

We provide budget quotation based on received info.

If price is acceptable, we negotiate final solutions and project specifications.

If specification shall be revised, we re-calculate & provide new offer.

When expectations have met - we make contract for engineering stage.

Engineering stage might take up to 10 weeks, depending on size of the building. For standard single family house this process takes approximately 5-6 weeks.

Step 3 - Production

When engineering stage have completed & production drawings are confirmed by customer, we launch production stage. Production stage includes manufacturing of:
  • doors & windows
  • house elements
  • facade finishing elements

After production, all elements are wrapped in plastic and placed in supply sheds.

Production of doors and windows might take up to 8 weeks, while elements for single family house usually could be produced in less than 10 days, we recommend ordering windows in the very early communication stage for faster delivery terms. Door & window production might also take place during engineering stage.

Step 4 - Assembly & Works on site

Before element delivery, customer obligations are:

  • finished foundation
  • crane and site management
  • accommodation for BYKO-LAT assembly team

Assembly process are performed by professional assembly team that consists of 4-5 highly skilled carpenters

When assembly works of the building have finished - electric, plumbing, ventilation and interior (exterior) works can be performed by local carpenters. 

Once assembly process is finished - parties sign final handover of the project.

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